Gentlemen's Club Haima Roma 122 is located right next to Sants station, with very good communication. The facilities of our hostess club are very modern and designed with special care. It has a double entrance door, one that leads you directly to the bar and the other to the presentation room.
The hostess club has a large bar with a large bar where you can have a few drinks with the best piped music in bottom, where you can meet and chat with beautiful escorts, who will make your stay in the club very pleasant. The decoration is modern and careful, the shades of red and white predominate. It is a fully air-conditioned space with air conditioning.
In the Haima Roma club you can find rooms of different sizes, but all of them are spacious and with maximum comfort. Comfort is guaranteed with our beds with mattresses with hypoallergenic leather covers. 2×2 beds and some of them with a round shape to make your fantasies come true. Some rooms have a jacuzzi where you can relax in good company.
The facilities have a small presentation room, if the client prefers.